#WFH Online Security

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#WFH Online Security Course

With today's WFH (work-from-home) culture accepted as the 'new normal' for now, it is vital that professionals (read: users) level-up to secure a solid understanding of the associated risks.

As with any form of security a layered approach is required. This short course intends to highlight some of these layers.

Where the vast majority of us are used to working in an office behind a secure, corporate network suddenly during COVID-19 times this has changed with the work from home lifestyle.

We introduce you to a general awareness of this important topic.

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  1. Operating System (Versions, firewall validity, best practices)
  2. Anti-virus (A critical core component to your security)
  3. User Conduct (email, company details, internet usage)
  4. Online Events (webinars)
  5. Backups

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Course Facilitator Amy Knight-Dawson

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Amy Knight-Dawson

Over the last two decades, I have built a rewarding career in tourism. I launched my Cape Town-based business consultancy, Scribe Consulting, with a special focus on tourism, in 2019. I am passionate about conservation, wildlife, customer service, responsible journalism and sustainable business practices.

My business has brought into my orbit some of travel’s most talented and influential players. Scribe Consulting's in-depth expertise and strong work ethic continues to see serious brands choosing to work with us. Leading our clients into success by consulting on matters of business strategy, communications, content marketing and quality assurance is where our passion and purpose meet.

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Your Mini-Course is 100% Free of Charge and also, self-paced.


Mini-Course (FREE): Essential WFH Online Security

Essential awareness of online security for your home-based office.

In today's WFH environment, it is critical for teams and business-owners to be aware of online security. There are rather a few considerations and factors to ensuring your business is protected at all times, whether HQ or home-based office. Our self-paced mini-course will introduce you to some of the most pertinent aspects. Meet Success.